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Cold Weather Effects On Bowling Balls

For most of us, it’s that time of year again.  All bundled up for the cold weather and ready to take on the next few months.  But there they are, our bowling balls, dealing with the same cold weather and usually just thrown in the trunk for the day...

Tech Corner

What is Radius of Gyration (RG)?

What is RG (Radius of Gyration)? When looking at ball specs, we always see the term RG. But what is it and what does it mean? To go into detail of what it actually is, we would need more than just a quick post. What it means is what...

Tech Corner

What is Differential (Diff)?

What is differential? We see on every ball a spec called differential (diff) but what exactly does it mean? In technical terms it is the difference between the high rg (y axis) and the low rg (x axis) of a weight block. Ok, that doesn't really help much. In...

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Bowling Bags, Does Price Matter?

So you've picked out your shoes and your bowling ball but now you need something to put them in...the bowling bag.  With all the different styles and pricing, does price matter?  The answer is yes.  Bowling bag price points have significant difference in quality, durability and storage space.Bowling bags...

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Understanding The Importance Of Ball Maintenance

Many bowlers ask if it is really that important to clean and maintain their bowling ball.  A quick answer to that question is simply YES!  Grease, grime, lane oil and other things get on your ball and slowly deteriorate its performance and effectiveness of knocking down pins.  The "shell",...

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Just Got Hooked?

So you’ve been trying to get that house ball to curve on the lanes.  Putting just your 2 fingers in the ball, no thumb, cocking that elbow to create as much spin as you possibly can in order to get that ball to hook.   Possibly even using a pretty...

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