Bowling Bags, Does Price Matter?

Bowling Bags, Does Price Matter?

So you’ve picked out your shoes and your bowling ball but now you need something to put them in…the bowling bag.  With all the different styles and pricing, does price matter?  The answer is yes.  Bowling bag price points have significant difference in quality, durability and storage space.

Bowling bags are broken down into two major categories, carry bags and roller bags.  Carry bags (also called totes) are designed with over the shoulder straps and most carry one or two bowling balls.  Most have room for a pair of shoes while some are designed to simply carry only one or two bowling balls.  Roller bags are equipped to roll your bag, just like luggage bags.  They have hard, retractable handles or soft nylon handles (also known as tote rollers).  Roller bags can carry 1, 2, 4 or even 6 bowling balls, your shoes and any accessories you may need.


All of the major manufacturers provide single tote bags that hold one ball and one pair of shoes.  Pricing ranges from $19.95 to $41.95.   Almost every single tote bag is designed with 600D material.  The “D’ stands for Denier which is defined as unit of measure that expresses fiber thickness.  The higher the Denier number, the tougher the material.  The two differences in price point is the size of the tote bag and if there is a separate shoe compartment stitched into the side of the bag.  With size, look over the description of the bag.  Most manufacturers provide maximum shoe size the bag will hold.  You do not want to purchase a bag that holds up to a size 10 men’s shoe just to find you can’t get your size 12 men’s shoe in them.  Images of the totes will allow you to easily see if the bag has a separate shoe compartment for the shoes or the shoes sit on top of the ball.  Bags that hold the shoe and the ball in the same compartment will have a divider that is placed between the ball and the shoes.

Two ball tote bags are broken down fairly simple as well.  Like single totes, most are made with a 600D fabric.  There are larger double totes that are on the higher price point of double totes.  These bags are designed with extra storage pouches and the balls do not fit tightly into the bag.  The more popular 2 ball totes are much more compact and snuggly fit 2 balls or 2 balls and a pair of shoes in a separate compartment.  When looking over compact 2 ball totes, make sure to look to see if the bag has an extra pouch for shoes or not.  This information is provided in the product description.  There are a few two ball totes that have wheels and a soft handle, also known as 2-ball tote rollers.  This added rolling feature is great but often times the strap handle is too short for taller individuals.  You may find yourself leaned over so the bag wheels stay on the ground and actually roll.


Depending on whether you have 1 or 6 bowling balls, the roller bag is a popular way to remove the weight of all your equipment and just roll your bag into the bowling center.  Here is a breakdown of each size roller bags.

Single Ball Rollers:

Just like single totes, one ball rollers are more simple when it comes to differences.  All wheels, handles and materials run the same across the board.  Choosing a single ball roller is really just about what color pattern you like best.  All these bags run within $15 of each other and pricing is based on the complexity of the color patterns.

2 Ball Rollers:

Double rollers is where we start to see a difference in price vs. quality.  Again, we see that all but one have a 600D fabric rating.  The KR Royal Flush Double Roller boasts a 1680D fabric, which is by far the highest Denier fabric in the industry.  A 7 year warranty is also provided by the manufacturer.  The quality of the wheel, handle and base of the double roller increases as the price point increases.  You will also find more storage pouches with the higher price point.  Reading over the description of the bag and looking at the images, you allow you to discern the quality of all the bag.  One thing to note with double roller bags is the shoe pouch can typically hold 2 pairs of shoes.

3 Ball Rollers:

Just like 2 ball rollers, triple roller price points are based on the same criteria.  Pricing of $169.95 and up are all the top of the line 3 ball rollers.  When you get to 3 balls or more, you really do see a difference in the quality of the wheel and how the bag rolls and how stable it is.  You will even find that the Apex Triple Roller utilizes four wheels for added stability.  The more stable/larger wheels are listed at 5″ in size.   Again, note the descriptions and images as you shop for a 3 ball roller.  You will find that there are identifiable differences in price points.

4 Ball Rollers:

The 4 ball roller is listed in two different price points.  The lower price point has less storage pouches, more basic coloring and a little less quality wheels.   You will also see that there are two types of 4 ball rollers.  The “stackable” roller can be broken down, allowing you to remove the top ball carrying case and retracting the handle, making it easier to place in your vehicle.  The      Storm 4 Ball Rollers are able to retract into the most compact size of all 4 ball rollers.  The one drawback to a stackable 4 ball roller is the width of the bag.  If you are in a bowling center with not a lot of space, you may find it difficult to traverse through all the other bowling bags, tables and people.  If that is the case, the Inline 4 ball roller may be right for you.  The KR Royal Flush 4×4 utilizes the 3 ball roller shape, creating a much slimmer bag design and easier navigation through your center.  The only downside to the inline 4 ball roller is it cannot be broken down.  You’ll have to pick up the entire bag to place it in your vehicle.

3 Ball Tote Rollers:

The latest addition to the bowling world is the 3 ball tote roller.  Triple tote rollers are considerably lighter and more compact than your traditional roller bag.  The triple tote roller was initially designed (and still is) to have the ability to have a bowling bag with 3 15# balls inside to weigh less than 50# pounds in order to avoid oversize fees on airlines.  And wow did they take off!  The biggest thing to note with triple tote rollers is the shoe bag.  Some come with a detachable shoe bag while others the shoe bag needs to be purchased separately.  The triple totes without the shoe bag are beneficial of you want to mix match colors or if you already have a triple tote roller with a shoe bag.  The wheels, material and size are all comparable from brand to brand.  One thing to note with triple tote rollers is due to the soft handle design, they can be rough on your back.  If you think it may be difficult to roll, give one a try at your bowling center.  There’s sure to be one laying around full of balls.


We hope this article provides some good insight on how to shop for a bowling bag.  If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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